Monday, May 19, 2014

Some Writing Goals

Perhaps you are one of my lovely readers and you have come here to hear my take on what Andi Dorfman did on her first episode of the Bachelorette. If you are here for that I thank you. You are a sweetheart. I will be writing a review and will shamelessly be making fun of her last name. I will mention that I feel she is shopping around for a new last name rather than a husband. Wouldn't you be doing the same?

So here's the deal. I have written and reported on this train wreck of a show for more seasons than I care to claim. I feel it's time to get this stuff published or to move on. As my mom would say, "Pee or get off the potty."

I will be submitting my review to As soon as I heard they were adding a humor section to their news page I felt it was worth a try. I made a promise to myself to invest in a few writing risks in the year of 2014. This is one way in which I am being true to myself. I do not know if they will publish it I also don't know if I can keep it clean enough for ksl standards. So many unknowns.

I hope they will take the bait and if they do I will keep reviewing this show and in the process becoming dumber rose by rose all for you, all in the name of entertainment. Thank you for reading.


  1. FANTASTIC idea my friend!!! You make me cry laughing every single time you post about that dumb show and I don't even watch it! Keep me posted on what happens! You're such a great writer! Keep it up. I love it!

  2. Jennie,
    Thank you for reading all my stuff. Means a lot.

  3. Lindy! Any updates? I just caught up on DVR and then came here to read your posts about what I just watched. Your reviews are my favorite.