Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Her First Ski Day

I have video that I can't wait to show you, but for now I hope this picture will suffice.
Milly, you have no idea how long your Dad and I have waited for this day. Dad got on the patrol because someday he wanted his family to be able to ski. Twelve years later, you made that someday possible.
I just about cried when you requested, "More skiing." For the first few runs your dad and I took turns holding you in between our legs. On the third time down Dad gave you little more freedom and only used the harness. You were scared and nervous but you quickly got the hang of it. I thought we'd just do the magic carpet all day, but you demanded to go on "The big swing." You were great on the lift and absolute pleasure to be around. Milly you are growing up quickly and we are so proud of the little girl you are turning into.
 Love you with all of my heart.
Mom and Dad 


  1. Sooooo cute!!! You two are such darling parents. So glad she loved it!