Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mirror Mirror

You know when you look in the mirror and you think ya I look the same today as I did yesterday and the day before and you go about your day. But then you look at yourself in the mirror while you’re in the car and in the natural sunlight you notice you failed to rub in that last smudge of makeup and you have a dark hair protruding from your chin? Oh, wait is that just me?

My point is, I do need better lighting in my bathroom and things can appear drastically different among various formats. Take this blog for instance. I pull it up on my computer and it looks the same today and it did yesterday. But if I was to pull it up on my mobile device, and then on your Ipad and on Susie’s android, well let’s just say the light hits a little different each time. Here’s the solution buy a new light bulb for your bathroom and also go here to manage how your site appear across all walks of technology. I’m loving Just saying. 

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